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Best Video Editing Software for Mac - 2020 Review!

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Information Best Video Editing Software for Mac - 2020 Review!

Title :  Best Video Editing Software for Mac - 2020 Review!
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Frames Best Video Editing Software for Mac - 2020 Review!

Description Best Video Editing Software for Mac - 2020 Review!

Comments Best Video Editing Software for Mac - 2020 Review!

On MacBook Pro 13 inch do not buy Filmora 9...
Comment from : MeiLyn

I use iMovie lol
Comment from : Bradyoup

Daniel G
What is the best software to edit videos. I want to make those big head videos.. like the ones that Barstool posts.... what is the best recommendation to do that?
Comment from : Daniel G

Ray McDonald
Thanks, this was great! I started using iMovie just as a hobby to make short videos of my dogs with music. I now really like Final Cut Pro—it was a natural progression from iMovie and probably has more than I need (right now). I like how FCP works so well on my MacBook Pro 16” as well as my more portable MacBook Air. Once again, thanks for this very informative video!
Comment from : Ray McDonald

Peter Forster
FILMORA 9 is CRAP! FILMORA PRO You cannot do voice overs! You have to purchase 9. DID YOU REALLY REVIEW???????? I was happy with the demo version of Filmora 9. What a complete surprise to me when the effects disappeared, and I had to pay for cheesy effects.
Comment from : Peter Forster

imovie...... help me please.....
Comment from : Dezzatube

Rising Vibes
Ok 7:25in thé vidéo and I had to stop to comment and say that I LOVE YOU!!! For many reasons but thanks for this super useful video!
Comment from : Rising Vibes

Richie Zarmajian
Thank you!
Comment from : Richie Zarmajian

Silence Equals Death NJHC
can you delay and talk any more in the intro?!?!?!
Comment from : Silence Equals Death NJHC

Thank you very much for sharing!
Comment from : 大模怪

Can you get InShot on Mac?
Comment from : Jamesofear

Tech. Fisher
well i use imovie but i might change
Comment from : Tech. Fisher

Today is My Love Story
you rock!
Comment from : Today is My Love Story

Have you ever seen a video where one person plays all of the parts and, at one point of the video, shows all of the parts simultaneously? There are also the band videos done in a similar manner due to social distancing. For some reason, I am having difficulty finding out which software packages are capable of assembling such a project. Can you help?
Comment from : ultramusicman

this dude looks like Dr strange
Comment from : Hyneji1

Free Music Library - Copyright Free
I've been using Final Cut Pro and I love it🔥. It depends on how complex your videos are. If they are simple and you are starting out then use iMovie. It's FREE and top quality. It beats spending hundreds of 💵💵💵💰💰💰💰dollars on something you may not actually need 😀
Comment from : Free Music Library - Copyright Free

Master Spam
I love to use Final Cut Pro X! Yes it costs 300$ but as you said, it only costs one time. My Father bought it like ten years ago and he gets up to today ALL the updates for free! And with the iCloud family our whole family can use it for free too!
Comment from : Master Spam

Enrico Moschovakis
While using Premiere, Adobe gives you the entire package of other apps for editing in order to integrate in your videos the best quality possible. Is there something similar with Final cut as well? (ex photoshop, Lightroom, animation etc.)
Comment from : Enrico Moschovakis

Bethany Rocha
supposedly imovie is only available for iphone and ipad..... :/
Comment from : Bethany Rocha

The Real Bluecheesies
there's a final cut pro 90 day free trial atm boys
Comment from : The Real Bluecheesies

Gonzalo Morales Sánchez
Fantastic review, if only there were more like this in YT! Many thanks
Comment from : Gonzalo Morales Sánchez

Paul Warren
Amazing review BUT....even more amazing than the free software you described and recommended is the fact that you gave your time and knowledge completely free for your subscribers and viewers alike. Top bloke! Keep up the great work mate 👍🏼🙏🏼
Comment from : Paul Warren

Puppy love Contortion
Comment from : Puppy love Contortion

Puppy love Contortion
Comment from : Puppy love Contortion

Thank you for this content I liked it
Comment from : JACK TOM

Mohammad Rahhal
im using iMovie
Comment from : Mohammad Rahhal

Tmax Vision
Am looking good
Comment from : Tmax Vision

Tmax Vision
Am using adobe premiere pro and iMovie on my Mac 🖥
Comment from : Tmax Vision

Sissy Stamps
Hi Justin {I told my husband that you were our cousin...our last name is Brown lol}...I'm trying to download Hitfilm Express to my MacBook Air, but my App Store is saying there are no results found. This video being only a month old, I find that hard to believe. Any thoughts?
Comment from : Sissy Stamps

richard kuda
Very nice. Very informative.
Comment from : richard kuda

Travel Music and Life
I was using imovie and later switched to final cut proX which is like a pro version of imovie and u can get used to it really fast if u are quick with imovie .Even it was abit expensive, i can get it for lifetime.Happy till now.
Comment from : Travel Music and Life

technologial brain
i hate davinci resolve
Comment from : technologial brain

Lou Cipriano
I have a 2013 macbook pro with 16gb of ram. I'm currently using davinci resolve but it seems like it chokes on large (4gb files) files. is this normal or do I possable have the wrong settings?? what would you suggest for a beginning editor?
Comment from : Lou Cipriano

Air Fitness
Hi Justin, what do you think about Viddyoze ? Thanks
Comment from : Air Fitness

Antonio Flores Linares
Thanks for the upload, excellent video, super informative. Going to try Davincii resolve. Greetings and blessings Justin from Chiautla de Tapia, Puebla, Mexico.
Comment from : Antonio Flores Linares

Stuart Coutts
Love your videos Justin...I've only got an older mid 2010 Mac Pro. I'm going to give Resolve a go and see how my Mac handles it. If no good, We Video online might be better.
Comment from : Stuart Coutts

Michelle Ezek
imovie has a watermaerk :(
Comment from : Michelle Ezek

Which one is most suitable for interactive educational videos? (beginner)
Comment from : amla

Happybeauty WithOB
This was really helpfull. Thank you Justin. 👍🏽👌✅
Comment from : Happybeauty WithOB

Phileas Foggs
Love your video content... was specifically looking for an easy to use entry level editor and you made it very clear what will work for me... and where my upgrade (f I need it) will be - Cheers!
Comment from : Phileas Foggs

Eric Dozier
What about Screenflow?
Comment from : Eric Dozier

Sergio Carvallo
Love the Video, you explain with apples , Im beginner, so it help me a lot!
Comment from : Sergio Carvallo

Laughing Out Loud
I don't understand why Blender is not mentioned in free software?? They're as good as DaVinci
Comment from : Laughing Out Loud

Lynx Thunderstorm
Comment from : Lynx Thunderstorm

Erouan Tanguy
Please tutorial for davinci resolve 16 on mac
Comment from : Erouan Tanguy

Sheena Rush Artistry
Such a great video!!! I have a 2010 Mac book pro... and I can’t upgrade to the newest version of IMovie or download Final Cut Pro. Premiere pro is super expensive, complicated and way more than I need. Plus it runs slow on my computer. Because of this video, I had no idea the other options!!! I’m looking into filmora 9 and filmora pro. I’m not sure I really understand the difference. Also looking into Davinci Resolve. Not sure if it will function well on my computer... also nervous about the learning curve. But I love that it’s free!

I need basic editing tools, options for different formats...(like creating portrait for Instagram too), fun transitions, creative fonts and graphics, and free music. I use 1080p and 4K video.

Anyone use filmora?

Comment from : Sheena Rush Artistry

BLNa Fitness
Always the best!!!
Comment from : BLNa Fitness

Black Cat Records
is Resolve any good for music Videos? ive just bought Final Cut Studio2 but it won't install on my Mac
Comment from : Black Cat Records

Matthew Flaherty
I use filmora go
Comment from : Matthew Flaherty

Bee Varga The Hulahooper
Where have you been all my life?! Loving your channel! Amazing content. So far I've been using iMovie but now I'm super inspired. Thank you ♥️♥️♥️
Comment from : Bee Varga The Hulahooper

Would you mind doing another video just like this one only it is based on intuitive learning? There is a "price" to pay involving time to learn software. For me the value of the software goes up if the time to learn it goes down.
Comment from : GL_PTECH

marc prue
hey Justin (or anyone who knows)...do most paid versions allow for TRUE lifetime updates and access to new contents?Or will I find myself obligated to pay more fees after a few years of using whichever software I decide to purchase?

Comment from : marc prue

Cameron Quinn Kyokushin Karate
Nice. Thank you. Question. What did you use to edit this video? Do you use that exclusively?
Comment from : Cameron Quinn Kyokushin Karate

This was incredibly helpful! so well put together! thank you!
Comment from : CJStevensonmusic

Kayleigh Anne
I can’t find Davinci resolve on my iPad .....
Comment from : Kayleigh Anne

Rhythm Shack
Do NOT buy Final Cut Pro unless you are prepared to get help! Not user friendly at all...
Comment from : Rhythm Shack

Natalie Richie
Thank you Justin! This was incredibly well done and helpful.
Comment from : Natalie Richie

Jade Demas
I only downloaded Davinci Resolve 16 a couple hours ago as an upgrade from Filmora 9 and I'm already in love!! I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it's free lol
Comment from : Jade Demas

FCP X simple.
Comment from : simatbirch

Greatness Every Day
Always love your video, Justin - I've used Premiere Pro for two years and just switch to Final Cut Pro and I'm loving the change!
Comment from : Greatness Every Day

James Tepedino
Comment from : James Tepedino

David Aelbrecht
FCPX! soooooo Easy!!! and use friendly! :-)
Comment from : David Aelbrecht

Frank Samet
This was extremely informative and helpful, thank you very much.
Comment from : Frank Samet

Model Train Layout Plus Gear and More
I’m using iMovie free on a 7/year old MacBook Pro. I’m upgrading to a 2020 MacBook Pro next week, in parr because my old machine is slowly dying.
Comment from : Model Train Layout Plus Gear and More

Im a new YouTuber what would you recommend me too use from the free set and the under$200 one’s
Comment from : NEWWAVECARS

Tú Salmista -Your Psalmist-
You sir got a new subscriber. God bless you and thanks for taking the time and effort to upload this video. (:
Comment from : Tú Salmista -Your Psalmist-

I've used iMovie for my Violin Videos until now, time to check DaVinci...
Comment from : CaRadJa

The Jackie Life
Hi Justin, loving your videos always detailed and honest. I've recently started by youtube channel doing fitness exercises, I've been using iMovie and like you said it can be a little limited. I need to move to the next level of editing where I would like to add a countdown clock and voiceovers to the videos and of course an app that is user friendly, could you recommend specifically an editor for me. Many thanks Jackie
Comment from : The Jackie Life

Jassy Kore
Gathering all the info for my first video.. so excited.. I am not a tech sawwy but your video content so easy to follow.. from beginning to end on point.. thanks for sharing your efforts. 🙏☺
Comment from : Jassy Kore

Kenneth Chan
Where’s Avid Media Composer? If your serious about editing and budget is no matter, Avid rules
Comment from : Kenneth Chan

This was a great video to help me make my decision. Thanks 👍
Comment from : KrypN

kirti mali
Filmora Pro
Comment from : kirti mali

Comment from : BrixxTV

Kathy Williams Orlando Real Estate
Comment from : Kathy Williams Orlando Real Estate

Bud Brown
I used Screenflow for several years but recently stepped up to Final Cut
Comment from : Bud Brown

Jamie Coats
Nicely done. I’m a hobbyist who is not very good but I enjoy it. I use FCPX and bought DaVinci Resolve Studio agree with your take on this and the other apps. I love that I can cut clips and add to Favourites in FCPX and then add to my timeline, I wish that was possible in Resolve. I also love the numerous plug-ins for FCPX. I do think that DaVinci has better tools like stabilisation and Noise Reduction but wow, what a learning curve.
Comment from : Jamie Coats

MRB Tiger
How to screen recorder face time calls or Google duo calls
Comment from : MRB Tiger

Rydell Smith
Thanks much Justin. This information was a great help to me. Blessings my friend..
Comment from : Rydell Smith

Fantastic video and super educational - THANKS for making it
Comment from : ppgbobfather

Lynn Kuo
Being a novice, I’ve gone back and forth between iMovie and DaVinci Resolve. I haven’t bothered with Filmora because of that watermark. (Not willing to pay at this point!)
Thanks for this video, Justin!

Comment from : Lynn Kuo

Bryan Edery
Totally awesome. Thank you!
Comment from : Bryan Edery

Yvonne Simmons
I’m new to this and I need to make desktop videos of craft making. I’ve made 3 so far on my iPhone and ipad. I had issue with not enough memory on my iPhone so switched to my ipad which is very awkward. I’m just learning iMovie, and like simplicity. But I’m having probs with memory, I have iPad Pro, which is working great, but no way to store memory. I’m wondering if I should get an apple computer, what do you use or recommend? I started looking at reviews on line, and am totally lost. Would really appreciate talking to someone who actually uses a computer.
Comment from : Yvonne Simmons

Lyle Springer
I'm using iMovie
Comment from : Lyle Springer

Wavi Davi
Is the MacBook Air or pro the best to edit on ?
Comment from : Wavi Davi

Wavi Davi
Thanks Very very helpful . I’m boutta buy a Mac Nd I wanna know what I should edit on to take my vids to the next level .
Comment from : Wavi Davi

Siddhesh Rokde
Thank you Justin!
Comment from : Siddhesh Rokde

luxe baby luxe
I’ve been using Davinci resolve 16 for almost a year now. I wanted to expand my editing skills and started to use filmora, they took $70 from me and I can’t even use the app without the watermark. So I went back to Davinci and it’s very slow after adding titles. I tried all tricks to get it to speed up but it’s just not working. Very frustrating.
Comment from : luxe baby luxe

Marco Cruz
I have the macbook 16 ive worked with Final cut pro free trial and Davinci resolve is tempting me to use it i wonder if it will work fine with no issues? Great video in between very informative.
Comment from : Marco Cruz

Michelle DiBona Trefren
Wow this was so informative! Thank you for all the research and effort you put into this!!
Comment from : Michelle DiBona Trefren

Kayla McCloud
We are looking for software to edit our church sermons before they go on YouTube. We are getting a Canon XA11 to film. We are certainly beginners at editing video. Also looking at getting a MacBook Air. Which software program would you recommend for us?
Comment from : Kayla McCloud

Levi Schryvers
I am using iMovie and I am struggling to make better videos
Comment from : Levi Schryvers

william crotty
What MacBook do you recommend for DAVINCI (year+model)
Comment from : william crotty

relaxe stations
i want to dowload . davinci 16 . but its does not work
Comment from : relaxe stations

relaxe stations
thank you .
do you have vide how to use . this software . how to create good video .

Comment from : relaxe stations

Neek Rusher
Thank you for this video Justin. I wasn't aware of the online video editors like Wevideo and Fimora. With apps like FCP, AP, and Davinci your computer has to be fine tuned, if you do not want to throw a slipper at your screen for moving slow. Lifetime membership of 150.00 vs 1500.00 for a new computer + apps for a beginner I say is worth the try. Now, when that stimulus check rolls in by all means upgrade that computer. LOL Be safe Peace.
Comment from : Neek Rusher

Dr. Chuckles
filmora 🥶
Comment from : Dr. Chuckles

Shannon SheHer
Awesome review Justin! I just started my channel and only have 5 videos all made using iMovie, but I am going to run the trial of FCPX and also DaVinci Resolve.
Comment from : Shannon SheHer

Joon kinloch
What’s a good editing program recommendation for a beauty YouTube channel?
Comment from : Joon kinloch

Ashton Stredick
I need a software that will run without lag on my MacBook Air please help me! I tried DaVinci resolve and the lag was horrible. Please please help!!
Comment from : Ashton Stredick

DogCatCow Chicken
I was trying to find a video on Mac vs. Windows war like both of them editing a video seeing which one gets done but that's harder find on YouTube
Comment from : DogCatCow Chicken

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